About Us

NanyKids firmly believes in the significance of the bonding between mother and their child, henceforth tends to deliver natural, organic, and baby skin-friendly products for their utmost treasure “Kids”.

We believe every touch you give to a child should be gentle, taking this thought as our social responsibility; we try to improve the product quality day by day to care for the baby’s beautiful skin.

We understand the need for a baby’s skin and essential things for its proper development. NanyKids have always believed in bringing safe, efficacious, and affordable baby products to our customers. We deliver organic ingredients for safe, healthy, and natural products.

The baby care product formulation at NanyKids contains no harmful chemical involvement which makes the products totally harmless. The products are herbal-based, mild, and soothing in nature which nourishes the delicate skin of the baby.

We offer 3D views i.e. Decision, Development, and Delivery of high-quality, differentiated, and cost-effective products focused on the need which helps every mother to take utmost care of their babies. Each product has different components making it very authentic and the best choice for baby soft skin.

Even for premature babies who are very delicate and have underdeveloped skin, our products have an inevitable positive impact on baby skin without any harmful substance.

Our Vision

The first and foremost vision which has been keeping in our mind is to let the baby’s skin develop in the most suitable condition, keeping the harmful chemicals away from them. The secondary part of our vision is to become the very best and qualified baby product manufacturer and reach out to every child and mother in the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture more quality baby products keeping the innocence of the babies in mind. We wish to reach every corner around the globe and let the babies get showered with our unconditional love

Our Certificate